• Description

In the context of the 10th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), the European Foundation Centre undertook a survey of its members and other institutional philanthropy actors who are funding, supporting, advocating, and partnering to advance the situation of people with disabilities in Europe and beyond, including those with disabilities related to ageing.

This publication summarises the survey results which provide an up-to-date picture of EFC members and other funders active in the field of disability, whether it is part of their core mission or just one of their fields of action, and an insight to better understand their practices. The survey results are based on input from 34 philanthropic organisations. Data supplied refers to the year 2015 unless otherwise specified.

The report comprises two parts:

Part 1: A profile of this sample of disability funders, addressing in particular who they are, their main area(s) of focus, who they support, how they work, and if they cooperate and why.

Part 2: A snapshot of 24 initiatives and projects supported by these organisations to illustrate some of their disability-related work, outlining their approach and achievements, as well as some challenges and learnings.

This publication was produced with the support of the EFC's Disability Thematic Network (DTN). Network members include: King Baudouin Foundation, Essl Foundation, Fundacion Once, Fondazione Bianca del Monte di Lucca, Genio, Karuna Foundation, Light for the world, and Sabanci Vakfi.