Hunger Report

Oct 01, 2009
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In August 2008, as part of The Chicago Community Trust's and the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning's (CMAP) joint effort to develop a long-range plan for the Chicago region, a "hunger advisory committee" comprised of 20 individuals representing an array of community-based nonprofit organizations, government agencies and private corporations came together for the first of six meetings. The purpose of the advisory committee was to produce a planning document that would provide an overview of hunger in our region, identify the challenges and opportunities in responding to hunger, and identify strategies that would lead to the elimination of hunger and, in turn, create a stronger and healthier community. Over the course of nine months, the Hunger Advisory Committee defined a vision of equitable access to quality food, along with supporting principles that laid the groundwork for a set of recommendations that will redefine the way families and individuals access emergency and supplemental food within our region. While the Hunger Advisory Committee recognizes hunger as a symptom of poverty and, thus, is unlikely to be entirely eradicated in three decades, we also believe that an enhanced, streamlined system can ensure that all individuals in our region -- regardless of age, gender, race, economic circumstances, or citizenship status -- should and can have access to quality, nutritious food delivered in a dignified manner.