Hunger in Arkansas: How Communities are Attacking Food Insecurity

Nov 01, 2017
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Food waste. Something that's hard to imagine in a state where so many lack access to nutritious and consistent meals. With many hunger-relief programs spreading throughout the state, our communities are making significant steps towards eliminating food insecurity. But what about programs addressing the need to put an end to massive amounts of food that is wasted? According to the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger, 40 percent of food produced in the U.S. is never eaten. The average super market wastes 10 percent of its food and an average Ameri-can family spends $2,000 on food they end up throwing out. For a country with more than 46 million of its people suffering from food insecurity, how can food waste simultaneously be an issue? Working to understand how food waste happens is the first step in finding a solution. The three most common opportunities for improvement occur on farms, at consumer-facing businesses and in households.