Human Rights Translated 2.0: A Business Reference Guide

Jun 20, 2016 | by
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It is widely accepted around the world that businesses have responsibilities to respect human rights such as the rights to privacy, humane treatment, safe working conditions and more. But many companies and other businesses do not know what human rights are, or how to address them in a business context. That's why we have produced Human Rights Translated 2.0: A Business Reference Guide, an easy-to-read handbook for respecting people's fundamental human rights in all sectors of the economy. This publication explains human rights in a way that makes sense to business. Using real-life case studies, it illustrates how human rights are relevant in a corporate context and how human rights issues can be managed. The first edition of this book was praised globally for the simple way that it presented human rights in a business-relevant manner. It has been used by multinational corporations and small businesses on every continent, as well as international financial institutions and the United Nations. This edition has been fully updated to include the latest legal developments. More case studies will be added over time, so you'll be up to date by following this page.