How Much Practical Cure Research Do the Major Type 1 Non-Profits Fund?

May 20, 2013 | by
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This report quantifies the major type 1 non-profits' funding for Practical Cure research. The key finding is that the four major non-profits combined allocated just two cents of every donor dollar to Practical Cure research in 2012. The remaining ninety-eight cents of every donor dollar were used to fund other types of research and non-research activities. This allocation is inconsistent with donors' wish to have Practical Cure research well-funded. The report breaks down the ninety-eight cents of every donor dollar that is not directed to Practical Cure research to evaluate how donor contributions are being used at each of the four non-profits. Suggestions to better align donor interests with how their contributions are spent are also included. In assembling the data, the JDCA examined the abstracts for over 550 individual research project that were funded in 2012. The JDRF and ADA make abstracts for nearly all of their type 1 projects publicly available on their websites. The DRIF and Joslin do not make abstracts for individual research projects publicly available. In the case of the DRIF, the JDCA obtained and reviewed information on their 2012 projects from management and the Diabetes Research Institute. Joslin declined to provide any such information.