How Are Our Families?

Jan 01, 2012
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CDI conducted a survey in 2010 to examine the needs of children and families in Tallaght West called 'How Are Our Families?' (2012). This was a follow up to the 2005 study which underpins the CDI Strategy (How Are Our Kids, 2005). The purpose of 'How Are Our Families?'  was to update our understanding and information on families in the community and particularly the risk and protective factors associated with children's wellbeing.   The research focused on an extensive set of child and family demographic information and wellbeing indicators in order to provide a holistic picture of children's, young people's, and family's lives: Living circumstances; education and/or employment; physical and mental health; social relationships; informal and formal support; family issues; positive experiences; sense of community; safety issues; service utilisation; and financial circumstances.