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With support and collaboration from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation through the America Healing initiative, researchers at the University of Michigan are leading the National Voices Project (NVP) from 2011-2015. The central goals of the NVP are to examine the sources of racial/ethnic inequity and other disparities for children in the United States today, identify interventions that address disparities effectively, and inform the public dialogue about racial healing and racial equality. The NVP offers a fresh perspective on community-level opportunities for children throughout the country, in the domains of health and nutrition, education, and economic security -- through the eyes of adults whose work and volunteer efforts affect such opportunities. In other words, the NVP reflects the perceptions of individuals throughout the United States who are in a position to improve children's opportunities in the future. The questionnaire for NVP Survey 2 was developed by the National Voices Project team at the University of Michigan, with input from WKKF collaborators. We examined how individuals who work or volunteer with children view opportunities for education, health and healthcare, and economic well-being related to children and adolescents. Many of the questions were identical to questions fielded for NVP Survey 1 in 2011, to facilitate comparisons of responses across these different samples and over time. New questions in NVP Survey 2 centered on respondents' perceptions of segregation and inequities in the communities they know best, and on respondents' awareness about efforts to bridge racial/ethnic inequities in those communities.