Hard Facts and Humane Responses, 1984 W.K. Kellogg Foudation Annual Report

Jan 01, 1985
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Many nations lack the resources to ever become developed. That sobering observation by the governor of a western state was made to a gathering of grant­makers not long ago. While there is an unsettling amount of truth in what the gov­ernor said, his analysis is inade­quate. It stops short of recogniz­ing the sinew and endurance that typifies the human drive toward a better way of life. It could be argued that there are four variables among a key few which are essential to success in upward-striving countries. They are the availability of natural re­sources, the benefits of expansive geographic diversity, the stability of basic institutions to deal with human needs, and the presence of a cadre of educated and compe­tent professionals and committed leaders. I know that several larger nations miss one or more such qualities; many small coun­tries come perilously close to lacking all four.