Global Integrity Report: Pakistan

Feb 15, 2009
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Highlights: Pakistan has a very strong anti-corruption legal framework, but practical implementation is a different story, as seen in the weak scores for the anti-corruption agency, law enforcement, and government accountability across all branches of government. Media reporting during the February 2008 elections contained political bias, with women being misled by local television broadcasters to believe they were unable to participate. Pakistan's civil society organizations remain vocal but are not transparent in terms of their funding, which is suspected to come primarily from foreign sources. Despite an increased score for law enforcement accountability from last year's assessment, Pakistan's police force remains "infested with political interference," with bribes a commonplace occurrence. This peer-reviewed country report includes: Integrity Indicators Scorecard: Scores, scoring criteria, commentary, references, and peer review perspectives for more than 300 Integrity Indicators. Reporter's Notebook: An on-the-ground look at corruption and integrity from a leading local journalist. Corruption Timeline: Ten years of political context to today's corruption and integrity issues. Country Facts: Statistical context for each country.