Global Integrity Report: Nigeria

Feb 15, 2009
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Highlights: Nigeria continues to suffer from poor accountability across all branches of government and the civil service. While citizens' right to access information is embedded in the regulations of some specific agencies, a general freedom of information act has been sitting in the Nigerian legislature since 1999. There continues to be little protection for whistleblowers, however the creation of internal anti-corruption units in government ministries does provide some hope for effective whistleblower outlets in the future. The Public Procurement Act of 2007 is still in the process of being fully implemented, but it is viewed as having already had a positive effect on Nigerian procurement practices. This peer-reviewed country report includes: Integrity Indicators Scorecard: Scores, scoring criteria, commentary, references, and peer review perspectives for more than 300 Integrity Indicators. Reporter's Notebook: An on-the-ground look at corruption and integrity from a leading local journalist. Corruption Timeline: Ten years of political context to today's corruption and integrity issues. Country Facts: Statistical context for each country.