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This report documents how the humanitarian system is being challenged as never before: facing the impacts of systemic shocks from the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change, and the unstinting growth of need, with more countries enduring crisis, for longer. It also shows how, at the same time, the budgets of countries on which so much humanitarian response relies are constrained by global economic slowdown and competing domestic and international demands for funding. In 2022, the crisis in Ukraine is a predominant concern for many donors, and includes the risk of wider conflict in the region, and knock-on impacts from the conflict on a global fuel and food crisis, as well as escalating humanitarian needs.

In this context, this year's report provides a critical, system-wide and long-term overview of how financing has been organised and delivered to respond to crises. We analyse how the demand for and cost of humanitarian assistance remains historically high, how total funding has plateaued (Chapter 2) and how the donor base on which the system rests remains shallow and precarious (Chapter 3). The GHA Report 2022 also summarises findings from new, in-depth research on gender-related funding, the role of private donors, and localisation (in terms of funding and indirect cost-sharing).

At Development Initiatives, we have recently emerged from a period of strategic planning, setting a new course for the next decade of our work in response to ever-changing and growing global challenges. The GHA Report remains a key resource for the wider crisis-financing community and we will continue to ensure that it equips our partners with robust and meaningful data-driven evidence to support action on some of the most pressing challenges of our time. We hope that this year's report provides you with the reliable, relevant evidence that you need, moving towards our shared goals of building resilient communities and reducing the incidence and impacts of crisis.

An HTML version of this report can be found at https://devinit.org/resources/global-humanitarian-assistance-report-2022/