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This report looks at the work of the Targeted AIDS Intervention (TAI) Project, an NGO in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa, which is dedicated to HIV education and training, especially with men and boys. It looks at the impact of TAI's work on both changing risk behaviour to reduce HIV, as well as the role their work plays in creating personal change toward broader sustained gender equality.

TAI is one of the civil society initiatives supported by the Joint Oxfam HIV/AIDS Program (JOHAP) in South Africa.

The report demonstrates that TAI's focus on boys is an appropriate, novel and progressive approach to dealing with HIV and AIDS. This review clearly shows the value of a partnership of academic institutions and NGOs in dealing with social crises, such as the HIV pandemic.

This document is one of a number of publications highlighting learning during the second phase of JOHAP (April 2002-March 2005).

A Gender Analysis of Targeted AIDS Interventions (TAI)