Future-Proofing Nonprofits for the Post-Pandemic World: The Voice of Charities Facing COVID-19 Series, Volume 6

Feb 01, 2021
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As the one-year anniversary of the pandemic approaches, this report takes account of charities around the world that have been performing their duties under extreme pressure. While many organizations have been forced to close during the past year, those with sustained operations have shown remarkable grit and determination in the face of new challenges caused by the COVID-19 virus.

In its sixth COVID-19 survey from December 2–16, 2020, CAF America, in partnership with the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and The Resource Alliance, polled 805 charitable organizations representing 152 countries to learn about the skills these resilient charities have relied on to persevere and those they are focused on strengthening as they strive to continue providing services through the pandemic and emerge stronger than before.

The global pandemic has affected nearly every nonprofit across the globe. Strengthening the critical competencies of mission-driven organizations is paramount to their survival and their ability to address the growing needs of the vulnerable populations they serve. From the immediate need for digital transformation to the ongoing need for communication strategies and effective fundraising, the challenges facing nonprofits are significant and pervasive, and demand a skillful response.

This report lays out the priorities for capacity building that charities consider essential to their success now and post-pandemic. Funders should be encouraged by the tenacity of these organizations and may want to consider how they can broaden their philanthropic strategies to help charities build their resilience and continue to meet the pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges communities face as the world emerges from this pandemic.