Funding Intermediaries Special Collection (Archived)

Aug 02, 2021
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The Funding Intermediaries Special Collection was available as a searchable online collection from 2016 until 2021. The collection was made possible by PEAK Grantmaking. This document includes a bibliography detailing the contents of the collection. Titles continue to be accessible via

Archived date: July 30, 2021

Collection title: Funding Intermediaries Special Collection

Collection URL:

Availability: 2016-2021

Title count: 56 titles

Creator: IssueLab, a service of Foundation Center

Illustration: Untitled, by Foundation Center

Description: When grantmakers use intermediary organizations, or "regranters", they generally do so to expand their capacity or broaden their expertise. But what impact do intermediaries have on grantmaking practices? There are both promising opportunities as well as pitfalls to working with intermediaries, and this IssueLab collection aims to inform grantmakers about both.

Collection Themes:

"Working With Intermediaries" - Best Practices; The Funder-Intermediary Relationship

"What Intermediaries Do" - Capacity Building; Evaluation & Outcome Measurement; Regranting; Technical Assistance; International Grantmaking; Backbone Support; Relationship Building; Government Collaboration

"Where They Work: Case Studies" - Arts; Community & Economic Development; LGBTQI; Youth Development