Funding Freedom: Philanthropy and the Palestinian Freedom Movement

Nov 10, 2022
  • Description

This report outlines the increasingly severe attacks on organizations that support Palestinian rights and offers human rights funders a roadmap for creating the conditions to give sustainably, consistently, and without doing harm.

There is an extraordinary gap between the enormous amount of money raised annually to support continued Israeli apartheid and the amount raised to fight for Palestinian liberation. Funding Freedom exposes the strategies used to silence those who stand up for human rights and offers clear recommendations on how to overcome them. This report is a call for our philanthropic partners to meet the moment and take an ethical stand on the side of human rights organizing.

Funding Freedom analyzes the current and historic conditions that curtail the resourcing of an increasingly visible movement for Palestinian rights. Drawing on four in-depth case studies and dozens of interviews with individual donors, foundation and funder network staff, and leaders of Palestinian organizations, it illustrates the current challenges and opportunities.

The report includes a number of important recommendations for funders who support or want to support Palestinian rights. In addition to providing clear guidance to funders facing external challenges, the report calls on them to do more to reverse harmful dynamics that have plagued philanthropy for decades, such as the marginalizing and silencing of Palestinian voices, dangerous political litmus tests, and harmful investing practices.