Forecast Public Expenditure on Disadvantaged Children

Jan 02, 2004
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The National Children's Strategy presents 'an opportunity to enhance the status and further improve the quality of life of Ireland's children' (The National Children's Strategy -- Our Children -- Their Lives page 6). This brief report sets out our findings and conclusions in relation to the four following research questions: 1 what are the key areas indicated under the National Children's Strategy? 2 does the strategy forecast the planned level of spend in relevant to these areas? If so, what is the planned level of spend and what period does it cover? 3 if the NCS does not forecast planned spend is it possible to identify planned spend from Departmental Expenditure forecasts, the Budget Forecasts, the National Development Plan and other relevant publications (e.g. NAPS, RAPID, etc.)? 4. is it possible to forecast planned Government expenditure in the area with accuracy from existing reports?