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This report explores the influence of feminist activism on nuclear policy and how the themes and concerns identified by FFP frameworks are being addressed in nuclear policymaking.Specifically, as newer - arguably feminist - initiatives like the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) initiate large-scale change, this report seeks to explore the question: how has feminist activism shaped nuclear policy? This report aims to share knowledge, expertise, and historically marginalised perspectives to better enable FFP advocates to identify successful paths to policy influence and change. First, this report provides a historical account of feminist activism, research, literature, and analyses concerning nuclear policy. Next, it focuses on the case studies of South Africa and Mexico to centre LMIC perspectives and indicate the steps, lessons, and pathways to achieving nuclear disarmament. Finally, it concludes with recommended next steps for nuclear possessing states to interrogate the purpose and impact of nuclear policy. Ultimately, this report is designed to equip its readers with the knowledge and skills to effectively examine nuclear policy's power dynamics, purpose, and impact. It invites us all to envision new and alternative policy solutions and work together for global nuclear elimination.

Finding Feminism in Nuclear Policy