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Migrant and Seasonal Head Start (MSHS) is a division of Head Start that serves the needs of migrant and seasonal farmworkers' children and their families and operates seasonally based on the needs of agricultural labor.1 Qualifying families earn at least 50% of their income from employment in fishing, agriculture, or agriculturalrelated work. MSHS operates in 40 states and provides services to more than 37,000 children annually, including early education services; medical, dental, and mental health screenings and referrals; nutritional services; parental involvement activities; and referrals to social service providers.2 Programs are run by a regional grantee organization that oversees multiple sites, coordinates services, and often addresses food procurement. With a built-in connection to agriculture and seasonal operation, integrating farm to early childhood education (ECE) food purchasing and education practices is a natural fit to enhance quality programming.