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The Yale Humanitarian Research Lab (HRL) has identified 22 healthcare facilities in Ukraine that sustained damage from apparent Russia-aligned bombardment between 24 February and 29 March 2022. The HRL verified damage through cross-corroboration of very high resolution satellite imagery and open source information. Based on a review of nearly 300 facilities across five cities and regions, the HRL has concluded that Russia-aligned forces have engaged in widespread and systematic bombardment of Ukrainian healthcare facilities.

The HRL's full report was provided to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe's (OSCE) Moscow Mechanism mission of experts. The following summary presents the key findings of the full report, including a more detailed explanation of the methodology used by HRL and a geographic breakdown of where apparently damaged facilities have been identified. Only the summary is being released due to the highly sensitive nature of the location data contained within the full report transmitted to the OSCE.