Evaluation of the California Education Policy Fund 2011-2014

Oct 01, 2014
  • Description

ORS Impact was asked by Hewlett to conduct a retrospective evaluation of the Foundation's investment in the CEPF from 2011-2014.4 The evaluation addressed the following questions:

1. What has been achieved as a result of funding the first two CEPF cohorts for ecosystem support from 2011-2013?

2. To what degree has there been a successful shift from the ecosystem approach to a Deeper Learning focus among CEPF grantees who received funding as part of Cohort 3 in 2013?

3. To make an informed decision regarding the structure of the CEPF going forward:

- What is the perception among key informants about the balance between the need for new or changed policies versus implementation of existing policies and/or expansion of pilot activities around the strategic work plan goal areas?

- What are the perceptions about the "ripeness" or timeline with which policy advances can be expected in these areas from key informants' points of view?

The first two questions were specific to CEPF grantees; the third question asked informants about the broader education reform field in California, including but not limited to CEPF grantees.