Evaluating Your Financial Literacy Program: A Practical Guide

Oct 08, 2002 | by
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Because it's the best way to know if what you're doing is working! It is frustrating if you put a lot of time and energy into a project, only to realize that you have failed to meet your goals. Financial literacy is a vital skill for all of us. As we are becoming more responsible for our own financial well-being, it is important for us to understand the basics of the financial world as well as some of the more complex concepts so that we might avoid scams, stay out of debt, build assets, and maintain our independence. Students of financial literacy programs should walk away from their courses with an increased awareness and comprehension of financial concepts. The ultimate goal is for people to be able to utilize this knowledge to change their financial behavior for the better. To evaluate your financial literacy program, first ask: What are the goals of the program? Who are you trying to reach? What level of financial literacy does your target audience currently possess? What additional skills would you like participants to gain from your program? Is this a one-time workshop or will you be engaging students in a long-term process? Once you answer these questions, youwill be able to utilize this evaluation packet to figure out how well your program is working.