• Description

We consider the estimation of sample selection (type II Tobit) models that exhibit spatial error dependence or spatial autoregressive errors (SAE). The method considered is motivated by a two-step strategy analogous to the popular heckit model. The first step of estimation is based on a spatial probate model following a methodology proposed by Pinkse and Slade (1998) that yields consistent estimates. The consistent estimates of the selection equation are used to estimate the inverse Mills ratio (IMR) to be included as a regressor in the estimation of the outcome equation (second step). Since the appropriate IMR turns out to depend on a parameter from the second step under SAE, we propose to estimate the two steps jointly within a generalized method of moments (GMM) framework. We explore the finite sample properties of the proposed estimator using a Monte Carlo experiment; discuss the importance of the spatial sample selection model in applied work, and illustrate the application of our method by estimating the spatial production within a fishery with data that is censored for reasons of confidentiality. Working Paper 08-31