Enabling Philanthropy and Social Impact in India: State of the Support Ecosystem

Jan 30, 2019
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Strategic use of ever unpredictable financial resources. Lean yet nimble teams, structured to facilitate overall achievement of goals. Collaborations that prioritise knowledge, learning, and making interventions. An encouraging sector environment. Trust, transparency and communication among all stakeholders. These are necessary elements in commonly-held visions of effective social impact and philanthropy sectors, that utilise their shrinking resources well, proactively engage with their social, political and economic world and constantly innovate. 

The reality of India's social impact and philanthropy sectors, however, could not be further removed from this vision. Stuck in the pressures of sheer survival, saddled with a complex regulatory landscape and a challenging socio-political context, our vision for the social impact and philanthropy sectors has become a receding horizon, instead of a guiding compass.