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This research is a partnership between the African Philanthropy Forum (APF) and The Bridgespan Group to provide data and essential insights for the many donors in Africa and around the world looking to make a difference on the African continent. Bridgespan was prompted to examine the paucity of funding going to African NGOs in part because of research conducted by its Johannesburg office in 2020 and 2021 on large-scale African philanthropy. One of the stand-out findings of the 2020 report was that African NGOs received a relatively modest share of large gifts between 2010 and 2019: 14 percent of grants (by value) from non-African donors and just 9 percent from African donors (with large gifts defined as $10 million for non-African funders and $1 million for African funders). Bridgespan updated the research in 2021 to highlight a massive response by African philanthropists to the COVID-19 pandemic: the number of gifts in 2020 was seven times the annual average for the previous decade. Yet African organisations still only received 9 percent of grants (by value) from African donors.