Defending the last ocean

Oct 01, 2011
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This is the story of how our fishermen, having taken so many fish from the seas closer to home, are now venturing to the ends of the Earth in order to maintain our insatiable appetite for seafood. This is also the story of how a group of Antarctic scientists, environmentalists, retailers, and chefs are working together to support the protection of the Antarctic's unique and beautiful Ross Sea – the healthiest marine ecosystem remaining on Earth.

This is a call on market players to refrain from sourcing any toothfish and to support the establishment of a Ross Sea marine reserve.

The key opposition to the protection of the Ross Sea is likely to come from those countries who fish for and trade in Antarctic toothfish. If we want to ensure that the Ross Sea is protected, the demand for Antarctic toothfish must be reduced. So who is trading in Antarctic toothfish? Where does it get sold? And who is eating it?