Dasra Girl Alliance: From Then to Now - Learnings and the Way Forward

Apr 06, 2017
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This document traces the journey and progress of Dasra and its partners into the sector of adolescent girl empowerment, highlighting key milestones but more importantly, learnings for the way forward. The Alliance partners have been critical in this journey for building an ecosystem for adolescent girls in India. Their steadfast and determined support through the challenges and successes has been the cornerstone on which the Alliance has grown taller and accomplished significant progress in the past four years. The unrestricted, long-term, collective funding for Dasra as well as the sector, access to technical expertise, and facilitated engagements with government agencies and other important stakeholders has been invaluable. The Alliance has allowed Dasra the opportunity to constantly innovate, learn, grow and ultimately, accelerate and multiply impact. More importantly, the belief that together we are stronger and the pursuit of putting that belief into action every year has brought us that much closer to achieving what is foremost for us all – a world where girls are safe, heard and celebrated. In alignment with the organization's core values, Dasra's work in the adolescent girl sector has been characterized by powerful partnerships, trust based networks, and investments in successful, scalable solutions for deeper impact on the ground. In many ways, Dasra's work in this sector follows the evolution of the organization itself, which has become more deliberate, collaborative, data-driven, and impact-oriented over the years.