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Culture and Context: Stories and Lessons from the Field - Book I identifies themes and knowledge gained from the project and outlines recommendations for the field and donors. The book describes CFYS and offers lessons for the field and those working with youth-development or youth organizing groups. This work builds on Power and Possibilities, the first report summarizing the efforts of the Collaborative Fund for Youth-Led Social Change, published in 2003. Critical to Book I are the Voices from the Field stories and Ideas in Action examples. Raising the voices of youth and adult program partners was critical to this work and thus central to understanding the impact of CFYS. Authored by grantee partners, "Voices from the Field" are first-hand accounts from West Virginia, Milwaukee, Denver, San Francisco, and Oakland that describe the core issues faced by organizations working at the intersect of youth development, youth organizing, and gender. "Ideas in Action" are examples provided by our grantee partners that illustrate key points.