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This report details findings from the second year of a four-year evaluation of the 'Hub and Spoke' initiative, being undertaken by the University of Bedfordshire. Funded by the Child Sexual Exploitation Funders' Alliance (CSEFA), this initiative aims to improve services in relation to child sexual exploitation (CSE). It utilises the expertise, resources and infrastructure of an established voluntary sector CSE service (the 'Hub') by locating experienced CSE workers (known as 'Spoke workers') into new service delivery areas. The evaluation assesses the extent to which the Hub and Spoke model triggers cultural and systemic change in the way that services engaging with young people respond to CSE. Specifically it considers the impact of the Hub and Spoke model on: a) Safeguarding young people from sexual exploitation through service delivery b) Supporting and equipping specialist CSE workers to work effectively in host agencies c) Promoting stable CSE policy frameworks in new areas by raising awareness, developing procedures and improving how local policy makers respond to CSE.