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The current war in Ukraine began with Russia's invasion on February 24th, 2022. This act is widely regarded as violating the Ukrainian people's right to self-determination. It has also been regarded as an attempt to re-colonise Ukraine and to re-establish a Russian empire in Eastern Europe.

This report will focus on Russia's alleged crimes in the war in Ukraine for the purposes of cohesion and to illustrate the multifaceted nature of the alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Russian forces. The invasion has already culminated in one of the harsher humanitarian crises of the century, where massive violations of human rights and international humanitarian law are at the core of the conflict. There have, however, also been reports of Ukraine's military violating the terms of the third Geneva Convention. Notably, a video emerged in which a Ukrainian soldier appears to kill a Russian soldier who had surrendered. The report will examine tactics reportedly used by Russia's military forces in its assault which violate Ukrainians' rights and are used to exert fear and submission. These include the targeting of civilian areas and infrastructure, the use of torture, rape, and the potential use of chemical weapons.