Credit and Homeowners Insurance: NIA's Experience from an Insurer-Community Partnership Perspective

Aug 02, 2002
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Credit is increasingly a financial fact of life in modern society. It is also a topic that has been included in a variety of financial literacy programs that partner with the National Insurance Task Force (NITF). The purpose of this report is to capture the experience of NITF and to provide information and resources aimed at fostering additional understanding of this issue. This report is the first formal response of NITF regarding insurance scoring. As the use of credit has become more widespread, the NITF incorporated this topic into its educational outreach to insurers, community development practitioners and most especially, to consumers. NITF recognizes that credit is increasingly a factor in insurance rating and underwriting. It is not the goal of this report to take a position regarding this issue. Instead, it is to help guide insurers and community leaders on how to better educate residents on the role of credit in insurance and how it can potentially affect them. This report will demonstrate how credit, when effectively managed, can help consumers have better access to insurance coverage at an affordable rate. Through this report, we hope to lay a positive foundation of knowledge to build vital win-win partnerships that create and sustain strong communities and businesses and ultimately protect and preserve a homeowners greatest asset -- their home.