Creative Vitality in Detroit: The Detroit Cultural Mapping Project

Oct 01, 2012
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The breadth and depth of challenges facing Detroit are well known. Yet in the face of these serious social, economic and demographic challenges, there are many stories of renewal and hope. Emerging from the research and analysis generated by the Detroit Cultural Mapping Project is a powerful story of the role creativity and culture are playing in renewal and revitalization. The content of this report is as follows: Chapter One: The Creative Cultural Economy -- this chapter includes a detailed statistical analysis of the larger demographic and economic context for the project across the Tri-County region, including focused analysis of the City of Detroit. Chapter Two: Detroit's Cultural Assets -- this chapter summarizes findings from the cultural asset mapping process, examining current conditions and important trends related to cultural resources in Detroit. Chapter Three: Detroit's Stories - this chapter focuses on stories from the creative cultural sector that communicate the city's creative vitality and that speak to the role of cultural resources play in generating the social as well as economic capital central to revitalization.