Creating Gender-Responsive Agricultural Development Programs

Feb 01, 2012
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This document presents creating gender-responsive agricultural development programs. We ask our grantees and partners to adopt three priorities in ensuring that our programs are gender responsive: Know her. Programs should take into account the context and circumstances of women farmers. Our grantees must investigate women's needs, constraints, responsibilities, and priorities and anticipate how programs will affect women's labor, time, current practices, and resources. Design for her. Programs must use the information collected about women farmers to inform program design. Our best projects are designed specifically to reach and benefit women farmers, and they include goals and milestones that account for women's participation. Be accountable to her. We work to ensure that program objectives include women's active involvement and that progress be evaluated in terms of women's successes as well as household successes. Programs should collect feedback, measure results, and adjust their design to ensure that women are participating and benefiting.