Creating Communities of Change in Higher Education

Jan 01, 2003
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This document offers an overview of the lessons learned and knowledge gleaned during the eight years of the Food Systems Professions Education Initiative. It is based on "Volume I of the Final Summary Cluster Evaluation Report of Phase II of the Food Systems Professions Education (FSPE) Initiative," written by Jan Sweeney, Adrain Van Mondfrans, and Blaine Worthen of the Western Institute for Research and Evaluation (WIRE). The data for WIRE'S evaluation came from many sources including: Surveys and annual reporting information; Information from site visits; Positive claims and testimonials by project personnel and others involved in the projects; Anecdotal data, case studies, and stories showing how the initiative has changed the way universities do business, enhanced the trust between them and other institutions, led to new structural relationships, and added FSPE-endorsed values and activities into the role descriptions and behaviors of many professors. The phase 2 evaluation report focused on the original 12 university partners and their work. Another university partner, California Food and Fiber Futures at the University of California, Davis was added in 2001. Its data are not included in this evaluation because it began after the initial programs were already underway.