COVID-19: Impact on the Nonprofit Sector

May 04, 2020
  • Description

COVID-19 has had an immediate and dramatic impact on the economy, and especially on nonprofit organizations. Public Allies' is an intermediary working with hundreds of nonprofits in communities across the country. It is uniquely positioned to understand how this crisis has affected the nonprofit sector. With this survey Public Allies set out to primarily focus on three questions:

Are organizations anticipating an increase in requests for services moving forward because of the economic impact of the crisis? If so, what are the types of services they anticipate being in demand?

Do organizations envision needing to deliver services and programming differently going forward? If so, what supports will they need to make that happen?

Not including financial support, what resources are needed at this time to help organizations through this crisis.

Key findings from Public Allies' survey of 320 nonprofit professionals, the survey tool, and charts and data are available in the full report.