• Description

The Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor evaluates the transparency and integrity of companies' climate pledges. The objectives of the Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor are:

  • Identify and highlight good practice approaches that can be replicated by other companies, recognising that companies are experimenting to work out what is constructive and credible practice.
  • Reveal the extent to which major companies' climate leadership claims have integrity, and provide a structured methodology for others to replicate such an evaluation.
  • Scrutinise the credibility of companies' plans for offsetting their emissions through carbon dioxide removals or emission reduction credits, recognising that voluntary carbon markets are highly fragmented and there remains a lot of uncertainty on credible good practice.

The Corporate Climate Responsibility Monitor focuses on four main areas of corporate climate action: tracking and disclosure of emissions, setting emission reduction targets , reducing own emissions and taking responsibility for unabated emissions through climate contributions or offsetting. Finally, it evaluatates 25 major global companies' transparency and integrety across these four areas.