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Learn how the principles of Accessible Professional Learning–Connecting Our Rural Educators (APL-CORE) can be used to implement regional and school-based collaboration in small, rural schools to support professional learning and improve classroom instructional practice.

Patti Crotti, Senior Program Associate in the Comprehensive School Assistance Program at WestEd, Cricket F. L. Kidwell, Assistant Superintendent in the Trinity County Office of Education, county office coordinators, and teachers from the APL-CORE schools share an easily replicated model based on regional and school-based professional learning communities (PLCs).

They discuss the schools' implementation of the DuFour's PLC concepts and structures to address school needs, school goals, curriculum targets, curriculum development, assessment of student learning, and communication.

The presenters also elaborate on the collaboration between the different APL-CORE partners, the resources developed, and the impact of the project on the schools. This webinar is aimed at state agencies, regional agencies, and others interested in supporting small rural schools.

Connecting Rural Educators: Accessible Professional Learning