Conflict in Ukraine: Situation Report #4

Mar 07, 2022
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Project HOPE's response to the Ukraine crisis continues to expand across the region, including a second shipment of medical supplies that is being delivered this week to a neonatal hospital in Kyiv. Meanwhile, Project HOPE is also expanding the capacity for a Ukranian non-governmental organization in Kyiv to purchase and transport medicines and medical supplies to civilian hospitals in the country. We continue to assess health needs across Ukraine, including in Lviv and Kyiv, and are working to establish transit routes to get medicines and medical supplies in.

In Moldova, Project HOPE is procuring and delivering key medical supplies to the Ministry of Health to serve refugees. These supplies include an Interagency Emergency Health Kit (IEHK), hygiene kits, and Non-Food Items (NFIs). Our team is also assessing needs and contingency planning for health facilities in Poland as refugee numbers increase demand on the Polish health system.

In Romania, Project HOPE is identifying local partners for Mental Health and Sexual Gender-Based Violence support for refugees. We are also sourcing hygiene kits, medical supplies, and medicines for transport into Ukraine as well as for the refugee population. Our team is also establishing a relationship with a key partner to send supplies into Odessa.

Project HOPE will continue to closely monitor the situation as it unfolds in order to respond to the most pressing health and humanitarian needs among affected populations.