Conflict in Ukraine: Situation Report #2

Feb 28, 2022
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The Russian invasion on Ukraine has escalated since its start on February 24th, as Russian forces continue to attack Ukraine from multiple entry points. The capital of Kyiv has endured continuous attacks, and Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city, had residential communities shelled repeatedly last night. Late Sunday night, Ukraine's Interior Ministry reported over 350 civilians dead. That number is expected to increase as Kharkiv endured dozens of casualties from the heavy shelling on Monday.

Ukraine's central bank has limited cash withdrawals, and many ATM machines are not functional. With the increase of violence and advance of Russian troops, further infrastructure will break down and the needs of the population will increase.

The Ukrainian Defense Minister has issued a call to civilians to arm and defend themselves from Russian troops, and under martial law, no man aged 18-60 is allowed to leave the country. Late last week, the Defense Minister and the mayor of Kyiv pled to citizens to "prepare Molotov cocktails" in defense of Kyiv as Russian forces blocked the western border of the city. President Zelensky has requested that all able-bodied men and women join the country's military, and journalists report that most fleeing the conflict zones are women and children. Peace talks initiated on Monday between Ukraine and Russia, in Belarus, ended late Monday evening, with both parties returning to consult with their governments.