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New science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subject teachers have pressing subject-specific needs in addition to those common among beginning teachers of all grades and subjects. A subject-specific need, for example, is how well novice chemistry teachers know their chemistry.

However, the range of common needs includes many other important but less recognized ones that span knowledge, skills, and resources.

What are common barriers to addressing beginning STEM teachers' needs? And how can we better meet them?

While we embrace differentiating instruction to meet students' diverse needs, why not incorporate differentiation within induction programs to support and develop beginning teachers?

This webinar draws upon a major 10-year study funded by the National Science Foundation. It includes international and U.S. case studies comparing support for new STEM teachers.

One topic addressed is a key area of work in WestEd's Region IX Equity Assistance Center—college and career readiness by improving teachers' STEM content knowledge through professional development.

This webinar addresses these issues in respect to the middle and high school levels. It particularly addresses the interests of:

  • Professional development directors/providers
  • Teacher induction directors/providers
  • Curriculum specialists in STEM subjects
  • School department chairs in STEM subjects
  • Building administrators and assistant superintendents

Comprehensive, Equitable Induction of Beginning Science and Mathematics Teachers