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The goal of this handbook is to identify critical financing issues and present several possible financing models that reflect the differing financial positions and investment goals of various project owners/developers. The handbook includes six sections: -- Section I describes various models for community wind power ownership. -- Section II examines sources of equity and debt financing and the steps necessary to secure this financing. -- Section III identifies federal grant and loan programs and state incentives for wind power development. -- Section IV reviews the federal tax incentives supporting wind power projects, the impact of these incentives on project economics, and limitations on utilizing these incentives. -- Section V examines power purchase agreements and the value of green tags to community wind power projects. -- The Appendix contains a list of operating community wind projects in the United States and a list of project consultants and financing resources. Principal author: Charles Kubert, Environmental Business Specialist, with assistance from Howard Learner, Executive Director, Jill Geiger, Director of Communications and Marketing, and Rebecca Stamey-White, Policy Associate