Community Health Workers in Minnesota: Bridging barriers, expanding access, improving health

Aug 25, 2010 | by
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This report covers a decade of partnership, innovation and field-building to train, support and provide sustainable funding for community health workers in Minnesota. While Minnesota consistently ranks as one of the nation's healthiest states, not everyone who lives here shares in that good health. Immigrants, people of color and people living in poverty are particulartly at risk. Community health workers are a critical part of the solution. They provide outreach, information, referral, advocacy and other support to promote health for underserved communities, and strengthen the cultural competence of health and service organizations. Ten years ago the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation began investing in research, grantmaking and partnerships through the Critical Links Community Health Worker project. This report includes results on the following: Training, curriculum, peer learning Workforce development and job creation Research and legislation for sustainable financing Awareness building and public support