Community Foundation Business Model Disruption in the 21st Century

Feb 01, 2017 | by
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With the pace of change in our world, disruption is a natural state in communities everywhere. Change is the new normal. So how do community foundations, institutions of long-standing tradition and influential in how communities address change, adapt themselves to the new normal? Competitive advantage flows to the organizations that see and act on those shifts first. Most community foundations are concerned that without growth, they will fall behind and no longer be well-positioned to in their communities.

Kevin Murphy, President and CEO of the Berks County Community Foundation and the Council on Foundations' first Foundation Leader in Residence, explores such disruptions to the community foundation business model, the rationale of asset growth, how changes in the local financial services field may force some fundamental changes on community foundations, and more in Community Foundation Business Model Disruption in the 21st Century. 

While the views expressed in this paper are those of Kevin Murphy and not the Council on Foundations, it is the Council's role to lift up timely, pressing, and often provocative conversations about the field of philanthropy.