Community Building and Organizing Annual Report July 2005-June 2006

Feb 01, 2007
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NeighborWorks organizations from the Black Hills of South Dakota to Jacksonville, Florida, and from Inglewood, California to Burlington, Vermont are transforming communities through community building and organizing. By training residents to participate in and lead the development of their neighborhoods, these community development organizations have created models for sustainable community revitalization. By bringing individuals together and building their public participation and leadership skills, these organizations have generated millions of dollars of investment and inspired hope. During this past year, the 32 organizations participating in the NeighborWorks Community Building and Organizing (CB&O) Initiative have recorded 40,000 incidents of resident engagement in their communities, and attracted $39.8 million in new investment. For every dollar these organizations have spent on community building and organizing staff, another $35 has been invested in their communities as a result. Communities across the United States are stronger because of the work of the organizations that have participated in the CB&O Initiative during its first year.