Communities Need Clinics: Independent Abortion Care Providers and the Landscape of Abortion Care in the United States

Dec 02, 2019
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Independent abortion clinics collectively provide the majority of abortion care in the United States, serving three out of every five people who has an abortion. These clinics provide care when and where others do not — operating in the most hostile states and compassionately providing care as pregnancy progresses. Yet independent clinics are closing at an unprecedented rate: the number of independent clinics in the US has been reduced by over 32 percent since 2012.

With the recent shift in the balance of the Supreme Court, access to legal abortion care is under imminent threat. To ensure that people in the United States can get abortion care where and when they need it, independent clinics and the patients they serve need the support of their communities. Advocates must work to end the politically motivated restrictions and coverage bans that push abortion out of reach for patients, and clinics need direct financial and volunteer support to continue to provide care in their communities.

Abortion Care Network's third annual Communities Need Clinics report provides an overview of the care provided by independent abortion clinics, highlights the vital role they play in ensuring meaningful access throughout the U.S., includes clinic closure rates, and discusses the state-by-state fight to ensure that abortion remains legal and accessible.