Communities Foundation of Texas Impact Report 2014

Jun 10, 2014
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Over the past 60-plus years, CFT has focused primarily on sharing what we have done in terms of traditional grantmaking—what grants have been made, to which nonprofits, and in what amounts. However, this story is only the beginning of our work and does not indicate how well we are meeting our ultimate goal: to contribute to lasting positive impact in our community through our investment of staff time and talent, and through the use of the monetary treasure that we steward across our funds. Now, we are ready to share how well we are meeting that over-arching goal through CFT's inaugural Impact Report. This year, we won't cover everything. For us, "starting somewhere" means focusing primarily in this report on our three biggest areas of discretionary activity:

* Community Impact grantmaking (focused on academic success for at-risk middle school youth and economic stability for low-income working families); * W.W. Caruth, Jr. Foundation grantmaking (focused on public safety, education, and medical and scientific research); and * Educate Texas grantmaking and program work (focused on a statewide public– private education initiative operating as a program of CFT).

The report provides detailed insight into the activities, the hoped-for impact, and the results in each of these areas. Our intention is for us, and you, to use the data culled from our results and experiences as a flashlight, rather than a hammer. By sharing these experiences through this report, we hope that you will learn along with us, and share in the celebration of the successes across our community accomplished by outstanding organizations.