Communicating Global Giving: The Power of Communications in the New Era of Philanthropy

Jul 06, 2015
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How can philanthropists use communications to shape debates, unlock resources, and change behaviours? "We have entered, as Kofi Annan writes in his foreword, "a new age of philanthropy and the sick, the poor and the vulnerable are benefitting". It is an era defined by what Matthew Bishop and Michael Green in 2009 dubbed "philanthrocapitalists" - a new generation of high-net-worth individuals using their wealth for public good. Six years later, in the US alone, the ten largest grant-making foundations have assets valued at over 120 billion dollars. In this publication, we look at philanthropy exclusively through the lens of communications. We look at a range of issues -- from cultural attitudes to philanthropy to the power of big data. We examine how philanthropists are using communications to shape debates, unlock resources and work to change behaviours. And, in a ground-breaking study, we detail how philanthropists are harnessing social media. In our experience, those managing communications for philanthropic ventures often face bigger demands and challenges than many of their counterparts in similar roles in business or government. " - Toby Orr