Communicating Effectively about Support Service Information: What works with Teens Seeking Help for Violence in their Lives?

Jan 01, 2012
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The Alliance is researching the effectiveness of the NYC Teen Health Map to address the problem of lack of adequate information for teens regarding access to health services. The Alliance initiated this project in February, 2006 by organizing four focus groups with teens to determine an effective means for developing and distributing resource information to young people. Youth emphasized that the more functional and practical the product, the more likely they are to keep it and use it in the future. The Alliance used this information to develop the NYC Teen Health Map, a foldable pocket subway map on one side and comprehensive adolescent-friendly services resource guide on the back. After its distribution to four high schools and several youth-serving organizations in NYC in fall 2006, the Alliance conducted a qualitative evaluation of the Map's utility and appeal to the youth that have received the map and gathering youth input about any revisions that should be made. The main objective of this study is to revise the NYC Teen Health Map based on youth feedback. Revisions may include changing the language, clarifying options for teens, and/or changing the layout and appearance of the Map to make it more useful for teens.