Columbus Public Schools 2003 Student Mobility Research Project Report

Oct 27, 2003
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Student mobility is the phenomenon of students in grades K-12 changing schools, both during the school year and in the summer, for reasons other than customary promotion from elementary school to middle school or middle school to high school. Student mobility is an important research topic because of: 1) the current education policy environment, with its focus on school choice; 2) the impact of student mobility on school building and school district performance; 3) the relationship of mobility and at-risk children and their families; and 4) the impact of highly mobile populations on the quality of neighborhoods and communities. In May 2002, The Columbus Foundation commissioned research by Community Research Partners (CRP) to study the causes, patterns and impact of high student mobility in the Linden-McKinley feeder pattern of the Columbus Public Schools (CPS) and to recommend both school and community strategies to address mobility. CRP is a non-profit research and evaluation organization, and a partnership of the City of Columbus, United Way of Central Ohio and the John Glenn Institute at The Ohio State University.