ClimateWorks Foundation : Lessons in Leadership and Learning

Feb 15, 2016 | by
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This case is part of a teaching series, which examines the strategies global leaders use to tackle the world's most complex problems. It looks at the ClimateWorks Foundation (CWF 1.0 - from 2008 to 2012), born  from a collaboration between The William and Flora Hewlett and David and lucile Packard foundations that decided to pool their philanthropic resources, and hopefully those of other foundations, in a largescale collaborative effort to help address the climate change crisis.

The methodology included a review of background materials provided by the foundations and acquired through desk research, and 65 confidential interviews conducted with foundation staff and leadership, current and former ClimateWorks Foundation staff, experts, peer funders, and CWF grantees. Four independent academic reviewers critiqued the case for adherence to academic protocols and to ensure its usefulness as a global teaching tool.