Civic Engagement Resource Guide for Allies and Advocates of Black Women with Disabilities

Sep 01, 2022
  • Description

This toolkit is an extension of our collaboration investigating the effect of racism and ableism on the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Black women and girls with disabilities. Black women with disabilities exist at margins that have a disparate impact on their health outcomes, education and financial inequality. Our toolkit analyses the effect racism and ableism have on the school to prison pipeline, reproductive justice and economic disadvantage for Black women with disabilities. While it isn't enough to just highlight the experiences Black women with disabilities face in health, economics and education, it is our hope this toolkit will be used in advocacy efforts by the wider disability community and within the Black community. The toolkit offers statistics, readings, facts and myths and research articles to help advocates be more efficient as they fold the experience of Black women and girls with disabilities into their advocacy efforts for both the disability community and the Black community. This toolkit looks to highlight the relationship race and disability have on the lived experience of those who live at the margins, particularly Black women and girls.